November is upon us.

11 11 2010

Time really flies. Its already November. That means another year is coming to a close.

What a year!

But I’m more looking forward to next year 🙂

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18 06 2010



Due to popular demand, is back online!


Hello everyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Its been such a long time since I touched this blog, but i really missed it! Looking back at the old blogpost that I had, I really seem to miss out on a lot!

Oh well, I’ll be back up 24 hours like McDonalds! Plenty has happened since I last updated my blog, plenty plenty plenty indeed!

But tomorrow is Friday, crunch day at work! So, i’ll leave you all with this tonight…



For those who aren’t familiar, that’s my brother. REAL brother. 🙂

And why this particular photo? And why the beautiful background? And why are we in suits? HOHOHOHO Update you guys on the next post… zzzz time

Good night, and good luck!

I missed this!

18 07 2009


Look who decided to crash the party with the winning goal 5 minutes away from time! 🙂

Excellent buy, Fergie!


ps. Hope you enjoyed the match over there, Yeok Heng and Jaryn!

I’m backkkkk, nanananana

18 07 2009

OHHHH its been months since I touched this blog. Oh well, nothing much going on, so might as well update anyone. If there is anyone reading this. HAHAHAHAHA.

So what have I been up to since February????

Getting my car totaled. zzz



Finishing our Group Design Project!


Year 2 almost done! After one more year, ITS OVER!
I can finally graduate! HAHAHAHAHAHA long awaited niaaa

Project Photos 074

Last but not least, Haha. 🙂
Found myself my baby.
Love you baby. ❤


I’m Watching You

11 02 2009


I got my eye on you.


May I remind you that pride comes before the fall…
What if I took this gun and shot you now? You’ll fall first…BANG!


What a Friday

7 02 2009

OMG yesterday seafood can explode so much.

4 person eat 8 dishes.

Ownage. LOL



Let the sunshine through your life.


 DSC07877 Yen Shiong caught in the act. With his little red member. 😀


5 02 2009